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Biography and history for the InventDent founder Kat Johnson

The Colors of Perfection

Kat Johnson invented the Root Tip Remover in 2007.   She had been consulting dental practices for years and became dissatisfied with some of the patient outcomes she witnessed during routine extractions.   “I listened to the dentists as they described the pain of sending waiting rooms full of patients home in order to extend a procedure to remove a difficult root tip after it broke off during a routine extraction.  Worse yet was the humiliation of calling in an oral surgeon to handle a dangerous medical extraction of a broken root tip in order to preserve easily damaged nerve and soft tissues.”

Kat Johnson is an authority.  She works with dental practices through her position at The Richardson Group.   Before then she worked as a dental office consultant she was a dental assistant where she gained inside and experience that has brought her to a point where she now helps hundreds of dentists, their staffs and practice managers  to refine and correct problems in order to make their practices enjoyable and more efficient.

“It is lonely at the top.  But I love my work”  Kat jests when asked how she keeps up with so many different practices?”  She answers “I love it.”  I love my clients, I enjoy inventing new ways for them to service patients and make more money by offering excellence and raising the bar higher than they ever thought possible.  “And I love inventing new dental instruments. ”

Kat says: “When I invented the Root Tip Remover I had bee a dental assistant for a few years.  It was just a dream at the time.  My dentist would struggle and sweat (and sometimes swear) over jawbone surgery that was simply chasing after a root tip that was hard to remove.  Sometimes the patient would be sent out for extensive surgery just to get the root tip.   It did not seem necessary, so I set out to fix the situation.”  That was the beginning of Inventdent and the remarkable instrument, the Root Tip Remover.

Kat goes on to describe how she founded InventDent.   “So I founded InventDent, retained a manufacturer, sent them the specifications and had a prototype manufactured, had it tested by several dentist friends who absolutely loved the Root Tip Remover.  So I had a few more made and the rest is history.  Now dentists all over the world especially in developing countries are finding this little instrument to be one of the most useful instruments on their tray.”

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