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Parallel lines of thought and design philosophy.

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Small Never Means Weak at InventDent

“Integra LifeSciences is  making everything you touch and do as simple as possible.” This is the first line of their company profile.   These words parallel the vision and philosophy of InventDent especially when they go on to say: “we are dedicated to limiting uncertainty for surgeons.”  I could not put it any better.

They go on to make some remarkable statements that reflect all the qualities of our flagship product the Root Tip Remover.

  • ” Simplifying procedures and products to eliminate unnecessary steps, recognizing that time is your scarcest resource.   Involving surgeons in creating better products and procedures because we believe surgery is a blend of art and science.   Having the best trained professionals dedicated to anticipating the needs of the busiest surgeons.  Delivering our products when and where you need them, every time.  Quickly replacing or repairing products, because minutes matter.”

At InventDent we could not agree more.  We could not be happier to read this.  Our mission statement reads almost identically to that of this multi-billion dollar corporation.

I remember a team discussion during the design phase of our advanced Root Tip Remover.  The needs of busy dentists and their patient safety comfort and optimal outcome were paramount, but we could not find the exact words for our vision.  Leave it to Integra to put it down in words we always wish we could say.    Convenience, speed and ease of use always came to mind along with quick cleaning and making our product reusable  was always  part of the design specifications of the Root Tip Remover.  But Integra nailed it when they put down these beautiful words.  It is as though they reached into our hearts and minds and became to poet to our vision.

I find it amusing that we specialize in the art of removing broken root tips.  It has been a real problem for many years and has cause many a dentist and patient much grief.  The design of existing instruments are adequate, however we kept hearing complaints from dentists about the difficulties they faced in this area of their practice.  So we decided to solve the problem once and for all.   We took it upon ourselves to invent a root tip remover that easily fit into the hand of the dentist and easily fit into the mouth of a patient so the doctor could FEEL exactly where he was placing the RTR .  Easy positioning and tactile feel was compulsory to the design and has resulted in what we believe to be the finest instrument in existence for the quick and safe extraction of broken root tips without causing unneeded trauma to supportive tissue.   Combining all these facts we designed the advanced Root Tip Remover to perform well beyond any existing instrument while keeping it simple.

Reading the Integra website we could not be happier to approach them with confidence and anticipation.  We suspect Integra will be intrigued by the simplicity and effectiveness of the RTR and we hope they will feature it in their New Products list.   We plan on introducing an extended length RTR to the line in the next six months to give dentists even more simplicity control and convenience in the extraction of broken root tips.

Christine (Kat) Johnson, Feb 18 2011

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Thank you!

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Thank you to all the dentists and office managers of dental practices for their response to our recent mailing.   At InventDent Kat Johnson and William Zimmermann are here to answer any and all questions you might have regarding the Root Tip Remover and the remarkable properties of this instrument to transform your practice into a lower stress and higher profitability enterprise.  Profits should come from better quality dentistry.  At InventDent Bill and Kat understand this and we encourage dentists all over the world to investigate the world of simple effective and deceptively advanced technologies like our Root Tip Remover.  Again thank you for your participation in the conversation.  Feel free to comment or email us as we continue the conversation regarding quality dentistry and practice management.   We love your emails and posts but did you did you know you can contact us directly?  1.425.802.2100  Feel free to give us a call.  We are here to help educate and forward your practice every day.

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Putting your finger on value, defining merit

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Dentists ask us  why such a small (in fact very small) instrument is so incredibly effective above all other methods of managing complicated root tip extractions.  They marvel that our product costs 1/3 of the closest competitive product.  We believe in it so very much that we considered giving dentists a double or even triple your money back guarantee.  The truth is that everybody loves it and we have never heard a single negative report or review concerning our Root Tip Remover product.

The fact is Dental technology advances at InventDent.  We do not approve the development of a new product unless it is substantially superior to anything on the market.  People tend to forget that  simplicity is often the most elegant part of any design.  At InventDent we take this very seriously as we advance dentistry with every new instrument we create.  The root tip extractors of the past are 300% to 800% more expensive than the InventDent RTR and can cost up to six thousand dollars.  Some of of them require you to replace burs every time you use them and cost three times as much as our Root Tip Remover.



By contrast the InventDent Root Tip Remover cost only $250 for stainless steel and $300 for Titanium.   Period.   No replacement parts and no heavy learning curve  and no added expenses.   It is so easy to use that our training can be done over the phone.   Our RTR has no moving parts and is practically indestructable.   We joke about why dentists call us for new ones… when they do it is usually because their assistants lose them or accidentally throw them out.

It IS SMALL!  It is designed to fit perfectly between a dentists finger tips for precision positioning.  It is like driving a sports car… it handles well and gets around objects easily and it is FAST.   In fact most broken root tips that once required an oral surgeon to remove can now be extracted in less than 2 minutes.

Many attempts have been made to advance this important part of dentistry.  InventDent has perfected it and it is called the Root Tip Remover – our premiere product now available directly from

For the purpose of this blog entry we stress the problem appears to be that many dentists have learned to live with and stick to “old faithful” instruments they have come to know because they never try alternatives…  We understand this comfort zone at InventDent and it is for this reason that we have created this discussion blog.

Our founder Kat Johnson assisted oral surgeons and dentists for years and has worked with them on hundreds of surgical procedures.  As the story goes, after years of observing them she began to design new products in her mind as she observed the ineffectiveness of the instruments her dentists were using not to mention the stress placed upon the dentists, patient and office schedules.   Not long after leaving her job as a dental assistant Kat took a job with the prestigious Richardson Group, a Seattle based dental consultancy.   Now Kat is 0ne of their top consultants.  Her knowledge of dentistry and her keen eye for design has resulted in several new instrument designs, the first being the Root Tip Remover.  She immediately had the RTR patented registered at the FDA and fully tested.  After three years of real world use it has passed with flying colors.  Even prestigious dental offices and universities use it regularly including the University of Washington School of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and the University of Washington School of Dentistry.  It has been tested and re-tested and has won nothing but praise by everyone concerned.

It is difficult to imagine dentists with thirty years experience getting all excited over our Root Tip Remover ONCE THEY FINALLY TRY IT.  It is not difficult for us believe in it because we know ” it simply works.”  The hard part is getting dentists move out of their old comfort zones to try it!  Once they witness the power of this instrument they understand the remarkable effect it can have on their practice.

The positive impact of the Root Tip Remover on a practice  is manifold.  The list of attributes goes on and on.  It is not the purpose of this post to list them but you can visit the website or hang out with Anastasia, our virtual animated assistant created by our Marketing Director William Zimmermann (that would be me).  She is quickly becoming the cartoon mascot at InventDent.  Everyone loves Anastasia while we complete production of video testimonials from dentists who have been using the RTR for years.  These videos are in production now and will be on our website soon.

We believe in our product.  It is a genuine advancement in mastery and control of everyday extractions.   It allows general dentists to risk extraction without worrying about that call to the oral surgeon which adds heavy duty stress and disrupts dental office schedules every day across the country and across the world.  To limit complications and risk to patents is to lower stress and make your career as a dentist more enjoyable.   How bad could that be?

Once dentists begin to see into a new paradigm the value of this remarkable instrument begins to unfold.   The significance this advancement takes hold and it is smooth sailing from that point forward.  Just like personal computers, dental instruments have become simpler smaller and better designed.   We hope you will explore the many virtues of this remarkable product and enjoy the Root Tip Remover at your practice soon.  If you have any questions please call our offices anytime.  We welcome the inquiries and always return calls and emails within 24 hours.

We invite you to check out Anastasia and all the facts surrounding this real breakthrough product at our website:

Written by William Zimmermann

VP Marketing Services, InventDent LLC

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