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Parallel lines of thought and design philosophy.

Small Never Means Weak at InventDent

“Integra LifeSciences is  making everything you touch and do as simple as possible.” This is the first line of their company profile.   These words parallel the vision and philosophy of InventDent especially when they go on to say: “we are dedicated to limiting uncertainty for surgeons.”  I could not put it any better.

They go on to make some remarkable statements that reflect all the qualities of our flagship product the Root Tip Remover.

  • ” Simplifying procedures and products to eliminate unnecessary steps, recognizing that time is your scarcest resource.   Involving surgeons in creating better products and procedures because we believe surgery is a blend of art and science.   Having the best trained professionals dedicated to anticipating the needs of the busiest surgeons.  Delivering our products when and where you need them, every time.  Quickly replacing or repairing products, because minutes matter.”

At InventDent we could not agree more.  We could not be happier to read this.  Our mission statement reads almost identically to that of this multi-billion dollar corporation.

I remember a team discussion during the design phase of our advanced Root Tip Remover.  The needs of busy dentists and their patient safety comfort and optimal outcome were paramount, but we could not find the exact words for our vision.  Leave it to Integra to put it down in words we always wish we could say.    Convenience, speed and ease of use always came to mind along with quick cleaning and making our product reusable  was always  part of the design specifications of the Root Tip Remover.  But Integra nailed it when they put down these beautiful words.  It is as though they reached into our hearts and minds and became to poet to our vision.

I find it amusing that we specialize in the art of removing broken root tips.  It has been a real problem for many years and has cause many a dentist and patient much grief.  The design of existing instruments are adequate, however we kept hearing complaints from dentists about the difficulties they faced in this area of their practice.  So we decided to solve the problem once and for all.   We took it upon ourselves to invent a root tip remover that easily fit into the hand of the dentist and easily fit into the mouth of a patient so the doctor could FEEL exactly where he was placing the RTR .  Easy positioning and tactile feel was compulsory to the design and has resulted in what we believe to be the finest instrument in existence for the quick and safe extraction of broken root tips without causing unneeded trauma to supportive tissue.   Combining all these facts we designed the advanced Root Tip Remover to perform well beyond any existing instrument while keeping it simple.

Reading the Integra website we could not be happier to approach them with confidence and anticipation.  We suspect Integra will be intrigued by the simplicity and effectiveness of the RTR and we hope they will feature it in their New Products list.   We plan on introducing an extended length RTR to the line in the next six months to give dentists even more simplicity control and convenience in the extraction of broken root tips.

Christine (Kat) Johnson, Feb 18 2011

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