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Thank you!

Thank you to all the dentists and office managers of dental practices for their response to our recent mailing.   At InventDent Kat Johnson and William Zimmermann are here to answer any and all questions you might have regarding the Root Tip Remover and the remarkable properties of this instrument to transform your practice into a lower stress and higher profitability enterprise.  Profits should come from better quality dentistry.  At InventDent Bill and Kat understand this and we encourage dentists all over the world to investigate the world of simple effective and deceptively advanced technologies like our Root Tip Remover.  Again thank you for your participation in the conversation.  Feel free to comment or email us as we continue the conversation regarding quality dentistry and practice management.   We love your emails and posts but did you did you know you can contact us directly?  1.425.802.2100  Feel free to give us a call.  We are here to help educate and forward your practice every day.

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